Welcome to the Albright Tejiri Virtual Studio (ATVS)


The Albright Tejiri Virtual Studio (ATVS) is a design technology that redefines how the world perceives your brand. Various industries around the world are swiftly adopting the use of virtual reality and immersive technologies to connect to their target audience. ATVS provides you the opportunity to tap into this uprising technology solution.

At ATVS, you can:

Own a virtual space

To showcase your products to clients around the world using our Immersive webVR technology.

Request for our 2D/3D product design services.
Hire a Virtual model

Flexibility in scene set-up, styling and modelling with your products.
Wider range of styling selections for models.

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Albright is a multi-passionate creative and an entrepreneur at heart. She majors in virtual reality development & Industrial Product Design for technology, art & fashion brands.

Her other areas of expertise are, VR world design, 3D interior design, 3D fashion design, creative concept gamification & storytelling.

She is passionate about helping businesses connect with their audience through the medium of design and technology.